Tuesday, January 09, 2007


you know what i think about guys sometimes? Morons! They're so insentive and stubbornly retarded! they do not know what they have done and said will offend you. even if they do, they do not care. so..although he's the one who supposed to care about your feelings, it turns out that he's the one breaking your heart all the time. ironic.

then, we have fabulous guys. they're sweet and caring no matter what happens. it doesn't matter that they're tired from work, get scolded by boss or over-stressed to the max... you still get the treatment a princess receives. as everybody knows, these people are rare. many said "Good guys have extinct from Earth". true and proven... maybe not extinct yet but facing extinction.

next, we're going to talk back about the morons. they can be nice at times but some times they get on your nerves and you wish you never knew them. you tell them this and that; whatever you don't like and they forget it the next day. so they go like... "i'm angry/sad/moody/tired today... i have all the rights to be mean" HA HA! BUT when things turn sour and you wanted to end the whole 'angry-then-cry' situation, they become little poodles who promised not to do so and so again (for at least a few days).

maybe i should start paying attention at girls.

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CheRyL said...

men = assholes..simple equation!
they think with their *****at times so v have to forgive them