Thursday, March 29, 2007

random thoughts

all the bloody assignments are finally over and i feel so useless now? i probably spent too much time in a period of 2 weeks in front of the laptop doing work continuously... and then i got used to it somehow? i don't know. given the chance i do NOT want to go through the agonising period again so what am i complaning about? NOTHING!

HAHA! in conclusion, i just felt useless because im just too free all of a sudden and there's nothing much to do. Edmund is not free to entertain me by going movies and stuffs because he's busy. but i guess that was understandable. secondly, my college friends are also looking a bit aimless after the assignments were over. i don't know why. haha... no one really look super relaxed. it's weird. more complaining. i think i prefer now, without the stress and stuffs. i don't wanna get fever again because of over-working. haha... i must be working really hard to get a fever and its the first time this happened.

another soothing news for me... my part-time work is ending soon. just 3 more days and i will not need to see the stupid creamy black drink. Ewwwk... finally i can have time to slack at home or go out and slack somewhere else. without extra income of course. i'll be so broke without all the good-paid part time jobs.

and for my internship, i will need to spend more money because we will not be paid much. probably have to take out money for food and stuffs. i mean, with all the food that i love and crave for... it might cost me a fortune during the 2mths internship. plus... the internship is in hartamas! means will be eating in hartamas most of the time *cut throat*.

at least i will have a friend with me because Iris will be working in the same company with me. nice employer..he knows we're friends and he still takes both of us in. and we'll get to share our expenses by half. what's better for iris? she can get more allowance from her dad cos he doesn't know that. haha!

and i don't know what's with big companies, they take super long to reply people's internship request. i sent them an email like a month ago and Eric Pringle just called me today to asked if i'm still available. L'Oreal called last week. They only call after i've promised other company. at least it's good news for me. i got all positive replies from all the companies i sent my CV to. 6 out of 6 companies called me already. so i guess finding for a job isn't as difficult as i thought? anyway don't feel like doing PR for intern, i'm just gonna go event management and have fun first. *grins*

i think i'm almost done rambling about nothing. so shall i say... signing off?

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