Wednesday, June 06, 2007

lesbian fate

SO... it's been a few days now since the last update.

i just lost the mood, either it's because of work or because of my monthly aunty visit. OR maybe... both affects one another.

Last weekend was as usual, working in the wet market for Lee Kum Kee sampling. All i can say is we hired some really useless people. The supervisors are working like a promoter doing all the promoter stuff and who does all the supervisor things? Me and iris.

And we're more than just supervisors. We did a lot of other 'kuli' works which made us work non stop. I thought we're just there to observe in the first place and help out whenever necessary?! I guess it became a necessity to have us there till the boss can't afford to go for other events.

The nicer way of saying things: We're just the important element in the crew. HMmpH

Okay... and we came back to the office grunting and complaining. What we did was catch hold of the person who hire these people and screw him upside down on Monday. Imagine... two interns staring hard at an elder person who has been in the industry longer than us, screwing him non stop just to make sure things are right the next weekend.

and at least we get to have our break. Yesterday was a bloody lazy day for us. we were in our rooms and we're so lazy that we sms each other instead of walking a few steps and knock on the door. that's really sad and it just magnifies how lazy we were.

At night we finally managed to drag ourselves up, food factor. we were hungry and we need food, thus we got to get out. After dinner, played pool in club 7. And did i mention the last time we went there, we say this group of lesbians? Iris was saying that we might meet them again and i thought there won't be such coincidence.

Half an hour later, we saw the same group coming in. haha! i guess they're surprised to see us also and probably thought we're in the same category with them. OR they will think that we're lesbians who loves threesome because last time it was another guy who came later to join us. Yesterday was another different guy, also came later.

Anyway, the night ended well; even way after pool. Completely satisfied with such off day.

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