Wednesday, October 26, 2005

lAcoste, lacoSte, and LacoSte...

i swear i'm gonna have nightmares bout lacoste..
even after i finish my job as a promoter.
every single day i have ti say and repeat the same thing;
"hi sir, would u like to try the new fragrance from lacoste?"
seriously killing my throat and my body..
so friggin tired..
and i still have another 4 days to go.
but for money's sake... hahah let's forget bout that.
i'm gonna grin from ear to ear,
and jump and bounce after i get my cheque!
wOO hOO!!

i seriously think i have such bad luck these days.
jamie thinks i should pray everytime i go out of the house.
i nearly got summon yesterday for beating the red light.
hmm...but i got my way out of it.
"you know lar"
but it's a big amount.. HmmMm..
*stabs heart*

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