Thursday, December 01, 2005

first step to fit body!

the first half of my day was filled with craps. i woke up about 1.30 pm, and i spent the first few hours sitting in front of the comp watching one tree hill. finally 4 pm came, i was supposed to meet someone (you know who u are :p). i emphasise 'suppose'...because i got ffk-ed in the end. you probably guessed it already. sigh.... and just because of this 'supposedly appointment', i rejected a plan to yamcha with my college mates. DOUBLE SIGH. so what the heck did i do after that? i picked up the phone and started calling every possible person who's free to accompany me. you know i can't stay at home one whole day without stepping out of the house! after like... 4 person, i finally got one person. my buddy!!! and i called just at the right time! hahah that is why he's my buddy! yeah, slade??

so we spent 2 hours chatting and talking, sharing opinions and giving advice (the usual us).. and it was time to move on to the nxt plan. steamboat!!! there were me, jamie, hor yan and kah mun. don't have any pictures here, so you do the mental image of 4 person eating with a very messy table in the end. haha. and then, i started telling everyone that i got fatter. even my bf said that. hor yan agreed... i AM getting fatter! and when i was complaining bout my big arms, jamie said "oh yeah hor, really fatter redi!" daMn... cold hard facts on my face.

i finally made up my mind not to eat supper and not to over-eat. i am very determined this time. i've been trying very hard to tell myself these days that i am getting fatter and i should do something about it. so then, someone ( i can't remember who) got the genius idea that we should go jogging tmr, like 7 a.m. in the morning?! everyone agreed, although it was dreadful to think about waking up so early. *plz recall that i have some kind of insomnia/sleeping disorder which only allow me to sleep at 4 a.m. everyday * since i was so determined, i told myself, WTH, jsut gO! i was not the only one feeling dreadful because kah mun looked the same way too. hahahah.. and i enforced the rule that whoever that's gonna ffk tomoro morning will have to spent all of us dim sum! that kinda made kah mun feel determined too... tee hee. and of course, me too *grins*
and i proved myself that i can do it later on. after dinner with them, i met up with my bf to accompany him to have his dinner. i didn't eat a single thing except to drink! he and his friend were trying to tempt me with satay because i told them i'm going to control my diet!! mean mean people aren't they? and i didn't get tempted! muAHhaha.. *proud proud*

now, i really have to see how long i can stay this enthusiastic about exercising. just watch me! hahahha...but my goal? to reduce the unwanted bulge and flabbiness in one month time!


Anonymous said...

ffk jogging...then u get dim sum?FATTER?!?

+sammy+ said...

er helo..still need to eat after all rite? im not being aneroxic here...just don't want to over eat

simply me, Jason said...

Slade is always there for you jie... hey i think i better start calling you jie edi... as in sister? hahaha... arghh.. the answer came straight in my face! *grrr*