Sunday, March 11, 2007

Marche Lunch

Friday afternoon is the best time to have lunch out of college and not worry about rushing to class! oh yea... so there we were in Marche Movenpick, the Curve. (i realised we're always in the curve lately? hmmm...)

we had lunch cum celebrating wendee's be-early b'day at the same time. but we didn't sing birthday songs although we had cakes for dessert. Ok, i'm confused now...

Anyway, it was a fun day... i mean after stressing out for the PECC assignment that morning, we get to waste some money on food. at's good food. I think i spent like RM40 for that lunch.. No wonder i'm broke. And i went massage so often, which explains even more eh?

the caught-in-action pictures....

the all-girls picture...right after we get bloated up by the food.

me and stephanie is always wearing the same color on the same day...coincidentally. this is the prove.. hehe

and... i save the best picture for the last.


KOW attacking the COW from behind... obscene!!!

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