Sunday, March 11, 2007

FLAM-ing F.U.N.

me and hor yan was working...boringly..
and then when we're on our way home, we got this idea of going somewhere.
finally gathered 4 girls to go club together.
Me, Hor Yan, Iris and Win Cheng
HAHA...and i drive straight to sunway to fetch iris.
Super SPontaneous Plan!
Got our asses to Bar Flam in Sunway pyramid.
('s near for all of us)
Got ourselves a bottle of Bacardi Limon (again) and redeemed the previous bottle.
WE...4 girls... finished One and a Quarter bottle of Bacardi in 2 hours.
yAY! *no wonder i was drowsy at the end of the night.*

me and iris...posing for a picture when we're still feeling fine :)
we got a table nearby the dancefloor..but our view were horrible.
a group of men in the age-of-shedding-hairs were in front of us.
one danced like a penguin, the other can shake his butt like shakira.
i dunno bout the others but i couldn't stop staring at the butt and laughing.
and then somewhere in the middle, this group of guys came to our table.
if i'm not mistaken win cheng said 2 groups of guys came over.
but me and iris were not around..we're hijacking the dance floor

me and iris taking a pic with kevin.
he's the guy from another table.
quite a nice guy...his name is kevin.

edmund the late comer. (i got cut out from the pic *sobs*)

dumb-dumb edmund came late. he reached when they on all the lights,preparing to close.

so there's no 'sandwich' for him.

and then i went off all drowsy....!

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IrIs said...

Sorry u got cut out of the nite. must do it again!