Saturday, March 03, 2007


1. I got mistaken as a Malay girl.

I went to get a masage with Ed a few hours ago because my shoulders and neck are aching so badly, i rather have them taken off. the massage did help alot... it didn't hurt so badly now. The girl who massage for me thought i was Malay.

girl: you melayu ke? (are you malay?)
me: har? bukanlah... (har? no...)
girl: you nampak macam orang melayu la. ( you look like a malay)
me: ya ke? saya cina. (is it? i'm chinese)
girl: you melayu-cina? (are you malay-chinese mix?)
me: cina asli la. (pure chinese la)

two people thought i was Japanese. One thought i'm Korean. One thought i'm philipines mixed chinese. One thought i'm Indonesian Chinese. And now... i'm also Malay. great!

2. The massage-girl probably revealed my boobs to some stranger!

halfway through the massage, she was supposed to knead my stomach and the she bluntly pulled down the towel revealing my boobs and my stomach altogether. (i thought she's supposed to cover my breasts??) FINE.

and then, just before i got a chance to ask her if she can use a small towel and cover them, a man walked passed my room. WORSE, there's a huge slit between the curtains and she didn't realised. i'm not sure if he saw anything, but i don't think i want to know anyway.

darn... 'jau gong'!

3. my Internship stuffs are all jumbled up like rojaks now.

at first i thought it will be difficult to get internship. So i applied to 6 companies... or is it 7? i don't even remember. then yesterday, one PR company called me and invite me over for an 'informal chat' on tuesday 2.30 p.m. I have class till 1 p.m. Today, an event management company called that they want to have an interview on tuesday 2-3 pm. I was like..

"Err... 2-3 pm? Oh, i can't i have class till 4 p.m." LIE.
so he said, "Ok, then we'll make it at early 4 p.m."
I can only say "Err...yeah sure. see you then."
Two consecutive interviews *nervous* then *faint*

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