Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kiss of the Sanctuary.

last night, i was supposed to stay in the house to do the portfolio. i am so far behind already cos me and Iris started slacking. we spent our afternoon eating in pyramid and bought mask from Skinfood. we just went back, do a bit of work and then put on mask on cucumbers! haha..which made us look fresh and ready to party.

last last minute at night, after my work, we've decided to go clubbing instead. To the Sanctuary in Curve we went! at first no one was going, and then all of a sudden everyone is going. Happy happy! it was so friggin crowded when we reached so we spent an hour at Laundry Bar, get a drink at went to Sanctuary at 1 am.

Who went? Me, edmund, Iris, Kean Foong, Mimi and her friend, and Gary.

WE saw so many people that we know there. happening sial.

Edmund is a happy guy that day. This' the proof!

My top is supposed to be halter. it became his tie.

We were doing the sandwich dance. double fillings :)

Iris eyes are sparkling... 'heart' by 2 men.

Mimi got it too..KF dare not kiss her (i think)

i think we were trying to strangle him. it looks like bondage now!


HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: there's a story to tell! haha. we were dancing in front of the DJ near the bar where it's super cramp. then all of a sudden i saw this couple kissing.. french kissing while dancing. their hands are everywhere. and the girl wore super low cut V-neck dress with no bra because i saw boobies :p the guy accidentally pulled her dress..or intentionally. then he pulled her dress up, nearly saw her undies too. i looked away for a while then when i looked back, i saw his hands in her dress...u know at the place under her stomach?? and her hands was on his crotch. Ewww... they didn't even realise everyone staring at them. they did that while dancing and smooching, making out. hahah...we couldn't stand it and went back to the table.


went back home and had a good sleep.... haha. and no work done!

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