Saturday, March 10, 2007

mOney Monster


from experience, they are people out there who turn monsters when it comes to money. In this case, it's not the 'scary' monster. it's just that they turned out to be unexpected, unlike how you knew them before.

You know like, you lent money to this friend because he's in need of it. So you gave him ample of time for the same reason. And then when me the money lender is broke, i asked for the money (cos i don't care) but he will say he has no money for the month.

I forgive that kind of people when it's really the truth. i understand how is it like to be so broke that you have to watch your car's petrol meter and check your wallet everytime you go out. That's because i was in situations like this many many times.

Now, the 'monster' part is.... he said he has no money. And then you found out that he has been spending it on someone else or he's enjoying his lavish life. Even worse, he had money to buy lotsa pressie for his gf on occasions but my bf got no pressie from me cos' i'm broke during that time!

When you asked him to return a little first, he has nothing. So.... the money disappears when i asked is it? Oh... I get it now. HmmPH!

And when he said he's no money to return, i asked about the financial situation to see if he's really in such deep shit. i asked also cos i cared. i don't wanan force ppl who's already on the edge. the answer i got was ambiguous, like.. got something to pay for/ used on something. i think i understand now... i really DO. so much for being nice.

SOmemore... that money borrower isn't really someone who wants to be friend with me OR someone that had (bad) history with me OR doesn't really treat me like a friend.

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