Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ed's birthday in LAundry Bar

we were clebrating Edmund's birthday few days ago... on the eve. you know the day before his b'day and wait till its 12 midnight... that kind of thing. there were me, iris, kean foong, simon and his 2 friends who celebrated with him. How nice. It was in Laundry Bar, Curve. for those who don't know eg. kah mun (his kai lui), his b'day was on the 8th.

WE had no time to get cake, so we just ordered a slice of tiramisu from Italiannies. I brought a candle there.... haha. at least a cake for a birthday boy though it doesn't look like a proper b'day cake ay?

btw, i really really sucked in picture editing. i don't understand why the max font size is only 72 and i don't know how to increase it. so er... yea... enjoy my 'lovely' edited pics.

i don't know why he was biting his ciggie when taking pic with me. it looks horrible.

it's supposed to say 'Kean foong doing the bottoms up!'... :)
and then Laundry Bar is so sad.... their bar closed so early and they don't give us time to order before the last call. mean, mean MEAN! (thus, we can't order flaming lambo there)
i heard there's some music upstairs... then only i realised that the Sanctuary is on top and it's still happening! Me, iris and Foong went tehre to have alook before dragging the rest of the guys up. We ordered 2 flmaing lambo. once for ed, one for foong. the people working there are so nice!

the beautiful lambo flaming sexily....ehermm.... (i got no fetish for flames)

Ed sucking it all can't see the flames cos i used flash... or else the pic will only look like the one above.

that's all for now folks....

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Carol said...

Hey the photos look amazing...seems like you guys had a great time...well hey you can also drop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime for some more resources and cool stuff!!!