Monday, March 05, 2007

ChillinG weekend !

i'm very honest.
YES, i didn't bother to do my assignments till its sunday midnight!

i seriously think i can't be helped anymore..
the people who wants me to shed my last-min-work habit rather kill themselves than convincing me. HAHA!

so, to chill myself... and my brains, Ed brought me to holiday in Genting.
THAt.... is also last minute.
we went there saturday aft and came home yesterday evening.

GUESS what we did there?

we went shopping.... i got myself 3 pairs of earrings.

he got a jacket and a bracelet...

AND, had our buffet dinner in....(i forgot the name)

so nice... i didn't get to have buffet dinner in hotels for a long time redi!

we went back to the hotel room-->watch tv, drank beer, play computer games.

i was supposed to bring my laptop there to start on my assignment.

it end up becoming a playstation....

then, there's no fridge in the room...since the water is freezing cold there, we kept the tap water in the basin running and put all our bottles in there .

Suddenly, Ed asked, "did you turn off the tap water?"

"NO! aRGHHH..."

the floor was flooded and water leaked out of our door, wetting the carpet outside. Plus, our room is the one right in front of the lift lobby (i wonder if anyone saw). the hotel towels were sacrificed as mop... (they're really good absorbents btw).

spent 20 minutes wiping the floor..

and we walked around Genting as if we're new there.



(and then pure torture last night doing assignment).

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