Thursday, October 13, 2005

curSed and cuRsEs...

i really wanted to start this entry with a nice tone.. so not to freak anyone out. but hECK nO! i NEARLY got into an AcCIDent today bcOS of some FReaKIng basTard-isH fuCker who doEsn't driveS prOperly! BAD enough that it was RAINING heavily, that mother-farker had to come out from his line suddenly and come into my lane when i was so SO near him! only bothered to put on the signal AFTER sticking half of his car into my laNE. harLOE? will it make any uSe? dO u go and give a person CPR after you know he's dead and stopped breathing? heLL NO! WHERE the rotten-hell he put his brains and eyes at?

the road was so slippery, luckily i didn't glide and lose control when i jam braked! aND bad enOUGH ...there's somEthing wrong my car after the accident last 2 days! to make thinGS from bad to woRse, right when i braked and turned my sterring a little to avoid him, i ran on a deep pot hole and lost control of my car. i swayed left and right... after the accident two days ago, my sterring was loose and i have to have a firm grip on it; or else i'll lose control of the car. i could've died there, yOu mORON! i slammed on my horn right before i lost control of the car, and he still has the guts to speed off when it's raining heavily. i hope he's one of those people who got admitted into hospital today for speedin and driving recklessly in heavy rain! i so wish he'll die. of all people...

i was so freaking scared... luckily college was just a road away. i drive in fear, slowly to the parkin lot. parked my car... called wendy that i'll be comin late a bit for class. stAyed in the car and started crying. i can't believe i was that scared, to the extend that i can end up crying in fear.

for heaven's sake, what have i done wrong? until i deserve all this? i already had 3 accidents in 2 months... and almost got into another one today? i haven't even settled the accident pass 2 days with the police and reports and summon, and god can't wait to get me into more accidents? plz... did i offend anyone? till someone has to hire a bomoh or witch to cast a spell on me?! put a curse that follows me till the day i die?

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