Sunday, October 09, 2005


oh shyts.. i have insomnia. i'm pretty super sure bout it. i can't sleep earlier than 2 a.m. !! 2 a.m. is the earliest i can fall asleep.. then, i have green veins and purple eyebags under my eyes, and it bulges out when i smile widely. even worse, my eyes are always watery and itchy...oh no, can i sleep early plz??? help me!!

just reached home from atmos, i left there at 1.50 a.m. alrite!! for the first time in don't know how many months, i came home so early from clubbing! usually we'll bang around and get ourself wasted till the club closes at 3, and the dj doing the finale. after that, there's still supper and i usually only reach home at 5 in the morning. haha... i'm home now. and i can't go lala land yet... had to come online and make my eyes feel tired. by looking at the monitor~

oh, and another bad news. my astigmatism is getting worse. i can't see the road clearly at night when there's car coming from the opposite. i see big shining star when i see the bright headlights of the cars. shyts.. my bf thinks i should get a pair of glasses. should i?? i'm goNna look older! and erm..more serious looking. or proBably a nerd... argHHhh!! nO!

ooooh, i'm almost there. i'm coMInGGg.. hahah my eyes are finally tired and sleepy already. and my brains feel like shutting down. time to sleep.... zZZzZZZ

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