Monday, October 03, 2005

blOODy farkIng drUnk piecE of Shit

sOO friggIn lots of things happened lately...let's see, where can i start?? erm.. ok, back to last thursday. had my management test on that day, it was pure shit. i couldn't do most of the questions... no more A already. and i spent my night before that studying till wee hours in the morning with only a few half-an-hour-naps. da process was like study-fell asleep-study-fell asleep..terrible and very torturing. thursday night: me and my collegemates went luna bar. hAha.. i thought it was nice there so i ajaked everyone go. there were 11 of us and we all had cranberry vodka. Mmm..yummy. da purpose was to relax after management test and celebrate be-early iris birthday! got her a cHoc mud cAke.. yUmMm... and they spent half of it for face painting :p it was like 1 am..then we left. i thought i could get a good nights sleep that thursday night but hell...NO!

my bf was supposed to send me home after luna bar.. and we stopped by at ss2 to get some food. my luck was still as bad...i never get to sleep that night. i was standing at the steamboat place in front of 7-11, ss2 and saw these 2 bloody no-use-freaking-bastard-drunkards drinking big bottles of beer in front of 7-11. both of the guys were totally wasted! they were throwing their empty bottles on the road and everywhere. one of the guys started heading to the car with the help of the other guy.. he couldn't even walk straight! actually, i don't think he could even walk! the one who are the most drunk got into the drivers seat, and i told my boyfren "so drunk redi how to drive lar?". i knew i had a bad feeling bout that... few minutes later, i was proven right because the bloody-useless-freaking-drunk-farker just reversed right onto my boyfrens car. hAhaha... talking bout intuition. he has the guts to speed off after that.. that farker. cost me my bf's car and my beauty sleep! you know, i wouldn't be so mad if he has the balls to come down from the car and apologise before going home to die.

the farker's description: fair-plump arsehole in his early twenties. short ugly black hair. loves drinking beer in front of 7-11 like a drunk beggar. drives a silver Proton Waja, car plate no. is WMN 1040. probably has a small dent on the left side of his back bumper by now. anyone who saw this car around, plz tell me... i'll reward you. and better if you can draw a nice pig on his bonnet with your keys.

my darling has to go to police station and make report and i have to sit in the car and wait for an hour! and he was starving cos he lost his appetite. i on the other hand has just invested in my eye bags. had to teman him the whole night cos he was so down.. accompanied him till 8 something in the morning and i have class at 10. shitty bastard.. wait till i get my hands on him. REVENGE@!

damn... my poor darling. his car was like his wife.. and the damage was quite bad... until some metal poked out and scratched the tyre once in a while.. and now he has to send his car away for repair. which will take almost 2 weeks! and these 2 weeks i can't go out with him at night already because he has no car and he doesnt allow me to drive out alone at night. argHH... that fARKER!

shall be continued....

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