Wednesday, October 12, 2005

iRis's buRmese fOod parTy

iris's aunt came over to malaysia and she cooked for us burmese food. and... we're invited! hahah..this was last saturday. she celebrated her b'day for the third time with us. such a lucky girL!!
see how scarce the guys in my course... the few here are almost all of the guys already. almost :p

this is another shot cos we were not satisfied. me and rena didn't understand why we are piling ourselves on top of sari (girl in black shirt). then we can see leroy(guy in white cap) er...doing dunno what behind there.

left: there's me and kean foong a.k.a foongy. the small boy in class.. and i'm one of his bullies!

bottom: me and stephie, the 'siu jie' of the class. always so polite and soft spoken. i'm the opposite:]

was quite determined to take pics with every person there but i see a lot of them are occupied with their stuffs. so... i only managed 4.

then this is zain,he's from sem2. usually he has moustache and beard. hahah.. he looks very boy-ish in this pic. i like the angle the pic was taken from.

right: wendy and me.. the super hardcore gym-mer. she goes gym almost everyday and super healthy. i barely exercises...never did for erm..years??

too bad, i dun have alot of my classmates photo yet. my class has a variety of people. it's like a friggin rojak inside. you have all the weird combinations of people mixed into one class; quiet-noisy, rude-polite, loud-soft, expressive-secretive...hahah all sorts la!

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