Tuesday, October 11, 2005


*takes a deep breath* haIh... i never imagine life could be so cruel to me when it wants to. putting myself in a deep-shit once is good enuff, not two, three and four times. it can never stop occuring to me isn't it? however, in whatever ways, it will always happen to me. recently, it all comes consecutively without stopping. i had enough of it. can god stop playing games with me? God knows i will be so depressed if it's taken away from me.

just as i thought, something bad will happen to me, things were never so easy before. my suspicions were proven right after what has happened. the whole of yesterday i coudn't figure out why i was allowed to overnight in other people's house so easily. usually i have to go throught he debate and reasonings and still wind up not getting the permission to stay out for a night. and i got my permission this time just by asking. no argument, no objections, no thorough interrogation...no nothing.
now i know why, god is playing games with me isn't he? how wonderful. i came home today just to know that i'm heading for another deep shit. worse than getting screwed for overnighting. i was just done with my punishment. all the yelling and arguments.. i'm glad i still get to useit. life just isn't as easy as it seems.

i thought chinese ppl always say that, when alot of bad things happened, one good thing will come up next as a result? my result??... bad things just never stop occuring for the past few months. my luck is going downhill all the way. and it's still rolling down now. the only nice thing that happened to me was my boyfriend. he was the only wonderful things that never stop being wonderful. now i'm beginning to be curious, is he another wonderful thing that turns ugly later? cos it seems that i can never stop getting the bad luck. never...

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