Saturday, October 22, 2005

jAsoN's b'dAy

today is actually jason's bday... it's 22/10. hAha.. and we celebrated it for him yesterday. i feel very guilty. frankly speaking, i didn't know it was his bday till his girlfriend, sie yuen a.k.a MRs. Aw told me and jamie. well, luckily we met them yesterday in one utama, or else we wouldn't even know! hahA.. yea, so the truth is out. :)

me, jamie, c.yuen and jason went over to c.yuen's house to have dinner. and we girls cooked! c.yuen who barely cooks...helped! miracle. although it's not much help :P hahahh...

* da birthday boy sleepiNg & eAting the pAsta we Cooked*

*all of us trying to loOk like a catfish. jamie's idea*

jaSon's caKe...

jAsOn and his gF, sie yuEn.. and da cake... :) sOo loVIng..

see what is jaMie dOing... siGh. she got feddap of waiting the pic to be taken!

finally, we got a better picture. after a few tries of couRSe..

anyway, happy birthday to my buddy, jASOn aw eng kuOn.!!!


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simply me, Jason said...

thanks guys... i really love all of you... =)