Monday, December 19, 2005

afternoon blabbings...

you see, everyday i wake up after 12pm when the sun is shining directly into my room. and everyday i'll wake up and think, what the hell am i going to do today? my answer for today is to go for a swim (i'll made it damn sure it's happening), wait for darling to come cook in my house, read magazine, watch the shows i downloaded, and stay at home at night... so that i can stay out late tomorrow night. *grins* ;)

so here i am, waiting for my 'chef' to arrive... which i bet is going to take really long cos he sounded so busy. and while i wait, i've decided to waste a little of my time by blogging. let's see... saturday i went to work, sunday too. nothing special about that. it's just standing around and spending time with him at the same time. it was damn boring in work.

one thing i want to highlight here. why are guys so much worse when it comes to mood swings? seriously, guys DO have PMS...and the symptoms are definitely much more worse than any XX chromosomes. and they, have only one X chromosome! but double the effect! they can be nice and sweet at one second, and be the king of all monsters the next moment. all these cold-hot-cold treatments are giving me one hell of a headache, cos i'll never be able to figure out why he was hot and then cold the nxt sec.

but the good news? he's on the 'hot' mood now.. which means, no silent treatment, no moody looks, no annoyance and etc etc. he was being so nice yesterday, like how he was during the 'honeymoon' period. hmmmm....sweet.

oh bloody hell! why isn't the results out yet? and USM dare to post the memo on their website saying that the provisional results will be out on 13th dec where as the final results is going to be 21st dec! it's already 19th for god's sake. i don't see any results!

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