Sunday, December 11, 2005

bf-less dayS

the past few days have been great. much better than i thought actually. and i proved to myself that i can live without a boyfren for a week. haha! erm rites... i barely lived through the past 4 days. but hey, i'm doing fine and i still won't be able to see him for another 3 days or so. hahah...

thursday, i spent my afternoon with kit yee. we went and ate expensive japanese food. soBS... broke. then we walked around bangsar... in the evening we went for 40 minutes of massage. hahah broke again. but it was all pure pleasure. just enjoying ourselves without any stress. how nice is that? paradise. at night, went for yamca with jamie, chia wen, li hua, mei xian and edwin. to celebrate chia wen's return! haha

friday... i think i went out with kahmun. supposedly for this job interview but we didn't manage to go there anyway. we were late. and we're stuck in the car for an hour in KL and another one hour to midvalley. at the end, we didn't go midvalley, all the parking were full! we went back to bangsar to eat banana leaf. yet another jam!! then we go through another hell of a jam on the way home. i drove my car out after that to myself a very good chic lit book because i know without a tory book in hand, i won't be able to stay alive in work today. it would be too boring!!! that's another reason why i missed my bf. or else i can dsturb him once in a while in work, and we can have lunch together, and even shop around jusco for food. *sobS*

today, saturday. hahA! Today was jamie's day. she skipped work today claiming that she was 'sick'. we know better. teee hee! so she came and look for me at about 4 plus, we went and eat sushi king. we were thinking, what can we do after that since it's so friggin boring in ioi mall. then i mentioned underwear. we straight away pay our parking and head straight to sunway pyramid. muahahah... we went there for only one purpose. buy underwear. so i got 2 g-strings..she got one. we head back to ioi mall to kill off my extra working hours. i decided to end work an hour earlier today so that we can have dinner. at the end, we ate in salmon steak house. bang into edwin and chiawen. so...that's it. we went home after that.

how ridiculous can we get?

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