Monday, December 19, 2005

love's not everything

what i really meant was, love is not everything when it comes to sustaining a relationship. to me, love is everything. i want to love and be loved like any other human being. i will sacrifice alot in the name of love. to do everything possible just to make him happy. all in the name of love. but when it comes to relationships' factors, love is not everything.
you need a lot more than love to work things out. i remember telling my buddy this.
i just came across my collegemate's blog, angelica, she has an entry which kinda read my thoughts. at least i know i'm not the only one who thinks that way.
i got this phrase from her blog, hope she doesn't mind.

"When two ppl get involve in a relationship, is love enough to sustain it? This I have an answer. The answer is no. Love may be the basis of a relationship, but a relationship will never work out if u depend on merely love. A relationship means so much more. Commitment, respect, responsibility, partnership, trust etc. " angelica

however, i want to add one more word to her last sentence. COMPATIBILTY.
god made damn sure that every relationship is consuming effort and energy. because all the relationships are not perfect and they sure don't come easy.
ignore me, but i must emphasise on compatibility. there's always a perfect match for everyone out there but whether you find him/her or not, that's another bloody mystery.
without much compatibility, r/ship can work out with abundance of love and patience.
but to make things last, someone or both parties have to change a little. agree?
alright...i don't care if anyone wants to reject or not. but i believe many are nodding their heads now.

who said life was easy or anything comes free? r/ship is not free ya know?
you work pretty hard for it...sacrificing a lot in the process. right now, i'm working my arse off because i know it's worth it. and he's worth it. i believe in miracles. but then again, i always doubt my beliefs. he's so friggin near to my perfect guy. just a little bit of polishing and he'll be a very fine man. my hundred percent dream guy. just wish that he would not keep everything to himself,to give me the chance to share his problems. sigh, here starts the never-ending-dilemma...

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