Friday, December 16, 2005

the movie, Narnia

my day started at 1pm today. almost everyday actually. no life isn't it? it's jsut too bad cos i have nothing to do, so i tend to sleep late and wake up later. today i online till 3 plus, waiting for the right time to go out. hit the gym with jamie,hy, carmen today. sweat a little and rushed back home to bathe. we had an interview, supposedly at 6pm, but i guess you knew what happened already. we got lost and stuck in the traffic jam. so we were quite late. it was some job selling diners club card. very low basic pay, but the commision isn't too bad.

the guy doing the briefing in diners club was so 'cheong hei'. talked a bit too much when everything is in the paper he gave us. poor hor yan missed an hour of 'king kong'. and i was starved to death. my first meal for the day was only at 9 pm. well, fine by me. i'm 'dieting' in a way. hahah.... but how can i live without food? i'm a big fan of food!

at 11.20 pm, watched narnia with darling. this is our 17th movie and still counting on!! we're only together for 5 months and 2 weeks. that's almost one movie every week. and next week? we're going to watch KINGKONG. can't wait. i miss him already...

YESTERDAY, me and him queued half an hour in One U just to get to watch the movie today. how initial plan was to watch it yesterday but all the tickets were fully booked till past midnight. so we only walked around to waste time a little. ate in italiannies. (is that the spelling?). oh he bought me an anklet from perlini's silver. he remembered my wish to get a small pink heart shape thingy to add on my charm bracelet; which i told him a few months back! but they don't sell it anymore.. sobs. nvm, kah mun is going to get it for me from singapore!! so in exchange he got me an anklet with 2 stars. i really wanted an anklet with heart shape things hanging from it but there wasn't any nice ones. all my accesories; necklace and bracelet has hearts. except my anklet :( had to get the stars instead. and they poke my leg when i sleep. hahahha.... but i still love them, cos he bought them for me.

it's so dumb, knowing that you don't really like something that much. but because it's that special someone who bought it for you, it transforms from a trash to gold. it becomes precious all of a sudden. just because he bought it. that's the power of love eh? when you see things from the angle of love, everything ugly looks beautiful. it's one of the many magics in love.

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