Thursday, December 15, 2005

all about penang

what a miracle, our plan has finally came true. and passed. we were only there for 2 days but then we had our share of good times. oops, corrections. it wasn't really 'good times' all the way but haha... what's excitement without ups and downs? basically, we rot our ass off in the bus. took 5.5 hours to reached there. and the cabs there are bloody expensive. on top of that, our hotel is on the other side of penang, feringgi beach. so we checked into the hotel. dump our things in the room and start panicking. know why? because all of us didn't have enough money to pay the deposit for car rental. a fucking 500 for deposit. none of us expected that. imagne this> we sat on the bed, started brainstorming and called every single one to see if they can transfer money to out bank account instantly. all those that were able to help use other bank, no maybank. fine.. and those who has maybank were not able to help. fine.

the last resort? i dialled 012*******, "hey darling, i've a problem. do u think u can transfer 300 to my acc now? we have no money to rent a car." siGh... the bad news? he hasn't reached kl yet..still on the highway from ipoh. so he said he'll call back later. the good news later on? he has a friend in penang that can help us! his fren will give us 300 in cash, and he transfer the money to him next day. hahah...darling saved the day! ok, that's not the point. at least, we can rent a car then. we'll be able to move around and go to town without paying big bucks for cab.

so we took a cab back to town. here's a summary of what happened.... get lost while looking for car rental. asked for directions everywhere we go. drove around and ate in different places. and they have such weird parking system. this guy on bike will drive around to collect money and issue tic. we were so afraid of getting a summone. had to run to the car when we saw MPPP. got lost on the road once in a while. took pictures of everything and anything. penang drivers are so scary, like the king of the road and they simply horn for no reason. i thought KL was terrible. went to the beach to play sand only because we have no more money for banana boat and para-sailing (however u spell it). walked around shopping complexes. and we threw most of our money in hair accesories because it's so cheap there. siGh... and we suffer another 5.5 hours back from kl. and including us, there were only 8 ppl in the bus! so we kinda dominated the bus and took pics non stop. hahah....

and the pics are all with suet and jamie.. so no pics here yet till they have the time to upload them to the comp and send to me. and my return to Kl wasn't as good as i thought. i couldn't wait to get back cos then i'll get to see my bf again after one whole week. but he was so quiet and all when i saw him. what a disappointment. glad that things are alrite again now... sobs. sobs.

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