Thursday, December 22, 2005

da' Sad & da' Happy

now it's my turn to have mood swings. last night was a pretty bad night. cheryl came online and told me she got the results already. my initial plan was to check the next day by calling the hotline, letting my bf hear my results at the same time. emotional support ~ anyway, i was curious as usual, so i thought, why not just check now? frigging big mistake. i instantly spotted a D on my monitor screen. i read and re-read again. WTF?!

was so so sad about it cos i thought i had to retake that subject next semester. called everyone that i thought would be awake so that i can complain bout it to them. so i complained and complained. of course i feel guilty bout the maxis bill. i'm going to help him pay off some once i got my extra money. swear! anyway... i guess i sounded pretty sad, according to kean foong. so my dumb dumb bf called me at 3 a.m to tell me he's fetching me out for ice-cream. he knows my weakness, ice-cream always makes me happy no matter how angry or upset i got. did i mention that it makes me fatter as well? happily FAT! was my fault that he had to take his off day today instead of tomorrow. cos he couldn't wake up today so he might as well take it as an off day. poor fella has to go to work tmr. so today i felt much better because it seems that the results might have some problem with it. too many people are getting D's and i can't be getting D because my project marks alone is already D! don't tell me i scored ZERO for my 4 page-answers exam paper. rubbish... going to get them to re-mark.

today woke up to teman jamie go metro college, then go pyramid for a while. next we headed to midvalley. there was a huge jam outside there! all those berserk shoppers... must be la. so we walked around...and my bf came to meet me after that. my plans for today didn't really work. i didn't go to times square to buy movie tic and we didn't watch any. had lunch with him... then shopping! he insists i choose something for my x'mas pressie. i thought he was joking when he told me to 'buy' whenever i said something is nice. so in the end he got me a jacket from MNG.

he's complaining bout the guys being useless while their gf's are digging into big pile of clothes. that donkey decided to be different from the other guys in MNG by entertaining himself... he went through all the 'aunty' handbags and examine them before parading it for me to see. :P it's those bags with leopard prints and god stuff on them...yuCK. also, he decided to be helpful by helping me carry the hangers while i pick the jackets... he looked more like the MNG assistant!

then...bla bla bla. i'm at home now. and rotting....
actually know what? i just remembered i have presents to wrap!
santa claus is coming to town!!!

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