Monday, December 12, 2005

delayed-plan finally coming true..

we had planned for a holiday, all 5 of us since we're in form 4. but it never happen, like every year, there's always a reason to cancel it. or it just didn't happen because suddenly no one's bothered bout it anymore. but hell, can you believe it? it is actually finally happening now. tomorrow actually. in about 7 hours time, we'll be leaving KL and heading north. to pENANG! and we're staying on feringgi beach. hopefully no tsunami this year. ngek ngeks... *cross finger* to make it so sure that we ARE GOING TO GO tomorrow, we already bought the bus tickets. but one person is missing on this trip to penang. hMMmpH! u know who you are!

actually, i can't wait to come back from penang. i'll be back on tue night, and darling phanz has agreed to fetch us all from the bus station! i can't wait to see him...its going to be a week by the time i see him on tuesday. i so can't wait to get my hands on him! and the "chicky biscuits" he's supposed to buy from iPOH!

from tomorrow onwards, i have plans lining up for me during the holidays! hahah this is getting better than i thought! mwaHHZzz!

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