Wednesday, December 07, 2005

pAst feW blOOdy daYs

well let me explain why bloody alrite? there's lots and lots of reasons and stories behind this. pay attention now...

first reason to be bloody
the word after bloody is 'pissed'. that makes it "BLOODY PISSED" well of course i am, especially when i come across people who can't make up their mind, keep on changing the already-planned-plan (which is not helping) because in the end, it's going back to the original plan or somehow altered. or worse, the person is not in the 'plan' in the end. i'm so pissed now, i can't put it in words. just know that i'm pissed enough to smash the table into 4 pieces.

second reason to be bloody
this time, it's not so fiery. and it's dull and boring. oh yea, that's the word. BORING. hor yan is in JB till weekend, jamie has work everyday, suet li needs all da rest, kah mun is prob too preoccupied thinkin bout what to buy in singapore. an additional point to add up to my boringness, my darling is out of the town till next monday. he left me nothing but his car. with full tank. siGh... not like i will drive it around a lot anyway, i have phobia on drivin his car. recall the accident past few months. i'm gonna miss him. *sobs*

third reason to be bloody
it's bloody cos it involves blood this time. i was a blood donor yesterday! i donated 300 ml of my blood. hahah not like i wanna boast about it. just am proud of myself. i never thought of donating blood because i myself probably have not enough to circulate around my body. but anyway, i came home without feeling dizzy after that. and i still get to go out till late at night and wake up early the next morning for dim sum. mMmm...

see my hand there? it's getting all numb.

this is my bloody bag of blood...

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