Saturday, December 24, 2005

da' welcomed exhaustion

the past 2 days had been very busy, happening and overwhelming. firstly, on thursday... me and my girlfriends were out the whole day and it was truly...nice?? i don't remember the last time all 5 of us got together. early afternoon, me, jamie, suet li and hor yan went to midvalley for the last xmas present shopping. it was the typical girls-shopping-thing. walking around, laughing and stopping over many shops.... the highlight was probably the debate regarding suet li's xmas present. haha... :)

after shopping, all headed to my house for some girls-thing again. MANICURE! we finally get to use the 3D sticker we bought from penang. it takes damn alot of patience...and it nearly killed me. knowing me, i have short patience. it took us a good 3 hours or less... for 4 pair of hands. then everyone went home to have 'guo tung' dinner. at about 10 pm, we meet again! this time with kah mun. we were gonig to Zouk along with hor yan's friends. and it's really funny during the journey because we were late & rushing like a bullet train. plus, the other car got lost and all kinds of problems come up. also, we nearly didn't get into zouk because it's only 21 and above. all of us are 19 except for suet li. so most of us have to try to enter 2 or 3 times to get in. we danced and danced our legs off. not to forget, some ass bumping with this unknown girl because she's always banging us and it's sooooo crowded inside. we left bout 1 pm coz it's starting to kill us, e.g. losing voice, leg aching, eye teary etc etc.

yam cha in murni after clubbing and all of them overnight in my house except for kah mun. another girls-thing again. i guess that day was a REAL girls thing after all. we didn't sleep until it's 5 plus... we talked and wrapped present and erm.. sang xmas song?? not we..suet li! muAhahazz... and it was bloody hard to wake up the next day.

left: me and suet.......... right:suet, horyan, jamie in my room

after they left on friday, i waited for my darling bf to come my house. we're trying to save money by eating lesser outside. so he came to my house to have lunch. i was 'supposed' to cook but he came before i started cooking cos i was bz wrapping pressies. and he decided to rummage through my fridge for bits and pieces of ingredients. he cooked fried noodle in the end. yummy... i think it was better than my mum's fried noodle. serious! i guess i'll just leave the cooking to him next time. i suck in it. darn...

after lunch-ing in my house, we drove to times square to catch the king kong movie. we couldn't get the 8.30pm ticket for premiere class so we bought the tickets for saturday 12.30 pm. and bought another pair of tickets for 'a chinese tall story' at 9.40 pm. so we spent the extra 3 hours walking around times square with the intention of buying his clothes. nothing suitable. so we crossed over sg. wang plaza and look for the pair of pink pumps i wanted to buy from vincci. he bought them for me. my 2nd x'mas pressie. he told me i'm getting a full set for xmas pressie. now that i've got a jacket and shoe, there's a bottom to hunt for. *grins* and we spent almost an hour in a cd shop.. at the end we were rushing for the movie cos we're late and there's no time for dinnet. ate some sidewalk-steamboat before the movie..

the show 'a chinese tall story' isn't too bad. it's damn hilarious... but some parts were kinda fake. it's like a combination of modern and old fashioned thing. 'shuin ng hung' (monkey god?) fighting robots?? and there's space ship! lotsa graphic in it. after the movie, went yam cha with his frens. and then stevens to change dvd..(pirated) sshhhh...

can't wait for today ( in later) ! going Neway karaoke in times square at 11 a.m and movie at 12.30 pm... then dvd in his house... x'mas dinner with the gurls at 7 pm, and celebrate x'mas eve in bangsar at night with bf and his friends... it's a full day again! not complaining. i'm welcoming all this exhaustion with open arms! come to mama!!! wakakaka...

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