Thursday, June 04, 2009

An Anaconda Dream

is what caused me to wake up 4 hours after sleeping
I rarely remember the details of my dreams
But I remember most part of this
Oh yeah, I did for sure
It's so real, I struggled with my blanket!

Was in the forest with 2 friends
Forgot who were the 2 friends
Don't know what heck we're doing in the forest
Not a threesome for sure, 'cos I'll remember if it is

I turned around and look at one of those huge tree
Saw a big snake twirled around the thick tree trunk
It's huge head jutting out from the top of the tree
Wide opened mouth, showing its almighty fangs

I remember screaming 'ArgggggHHHHhhhhh'
My anonymous 2 friends turned around and mimicked my 'Argghhhh'
I started running like a mad woman
With my mouth open, eye close, still screaming, still running
Just imagine the heroin in a horror movie, you'll get what I mean.

I remember tripping over a tree root
That grows like octopus legs from the ground
Fell unconscious, woke up in hospital
Doctors, police asked me what happened

I told them I saw the biggest snake of my life
I told them how it's bigger than those hundreds year old tree
And how big the head and fangs were
They gave me 'WTF, is this woman mad' look
Told me they see ain't no snake when they found me

Next I knew, I was in a straighjacket...

I woke up struggling with my blanket tangled around me.
I have a feeling this is a very obvious sign I'm going crazy.
That I will be in a straighjacket if I'm still this bored.

Anyone knows what's the 'phobic' term you use for people who's afraid of boredom?

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