Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still and stoned.

Wake up in the morning.
Speedy gonzales on the way to work.
On the pc, check emails, reply emails.
Then talk to internal people and client.

It never ever ends and every morning starts the same way.
It always starts with a crisis regardless big or small.
There was nothing different to start my day.
I need sweet and beautiful, not crisis-driven.

Maybe see a rainbow on the way to work.
Maybe a 'good morning' msg from people who missed me.
Maybe breakfast that was waiting on my table.
Maybe seeing everyone smiling away.

Just small little thing like that.
Is what I need to get the morning blues away.
Today I ended up feeling stoned at 7pm.
My mind just stopped ticking right there.

Can't think of what to do, where to go.
Who to see or how i looked.
Drove aimlessly, find a place to chill and stoned.
Really really still, and staring at the space.

I was just waiting for a miracle to happen.
For signs of good news.

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