Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Life of a 'tai tai'

To start this off, this blog entry is the 234th post.
What a nice number, and it just reminds me of the song 1234 by Plain White T's (amidst the missing '1').

I'm now sitting in Starbucks in one of the most chilled place in KL, alone, drinking Caramel Hot Chocolate. Brought along with me a laptop, charger, a book, and a packet of ciggarettes.
How chilled-out can you get without all these?

Regarding my previous post, a friend commented that while reading it, he felt like he's watching a dull, very very old fashioned and sloooooow movie, where the main actress is reading out her thoughts with some wind blowing, standing at the window.
I find it wonderfully said.

That's what I feel like, in an old fashioned black and white movie back in the 80's. With big permed hair, rosy red lipstick, wearing a puffy-sleeved, big shoulder pads blouse.
Ah, so interesting; the life in the 80's.

It's good to be able to just sit outside with a cup of hot chocolate. It's like living the life of a rich 'tai tai' (jobless married lady). This is probably the Western style of 'tai tai'.

Or I could be the Chinese 'tai tai', then I would be playing mahjong all day, talking to my other 'tai tai' friends about what my husband bought me for our anniversary. Then while playing mahjong, I'll just flash my 3-carat diamond ring and diamond-studded bracelet around, blinding their eyes. To add, I'll involuntarily touch my neck, where there's a heavy gem-encrusted necklace in place, to give them the cue to say 'Wow'.

Well, I would be doing all this kind of stereotype things IF I AM a 'tai tai'.

Only, I'm not married to a rich man, is not jobless and has no financial freedom of my own to do all that.

I think I just fell back down to earth, with a catastrophic effect.
Ouch, that's gonna hurt a while.

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