Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Half an hour of insights

Half an hour of staring out of the bedroom window can be either fruitful or mind torturing.

1. Was watching the condos on Gasing Hill wondering if I could catch someone switching on/off the light for a minute. None. My eyes started getting blurry.

2. Stared at the whole stretch of NPE between Subang and Bangsar and saw some cars driving past. A van had its double signal turned on, but still strolling along the highway. I wonder if the van was having problems, or the driver was just switching it on for fun.

3. Next, a group of bikers drove past. They looked like stars moving in a group because all I saw was their singular headlight. I wonder if they're Mat Rempits having their midnight stroll, planning on robbing someone.

4. Looked at the furthest building on my right, I knew it's probably around MidValley area. I wonder which building is that one there, with the most lights on, trying to guess the name. Eyes got blurrer. Failed, and gave up guessing.

5. Then I focus to some building nearer to my place, identified the Pearl Point Hotel. Most of the lights are not on. I wonder if their business isn't so good after all, and most rooms are still vacant. Or maybe, the occupants went to sleep or doing something exciting in bed.

6. I looked back at the entire Gasing hill again. I could see the whole hill and was wondering what could it shape like. Then decided it shapes like a typical hill, nothing special. Though I was amazed at the lush greenery. It's good to see a bunch of trees like broccoli in the middle of concrete jungle.

7. I looked down at the bungalows right below, they're still the same. No one did major renovation. Then I realised the kelompok of wooden houses are gone, and replaced by bushes. Wonder what happened? The developer kicked them out of the area?

8. The roads around the bungalows are dark and empty. Only one car was moving quite fast around the corner. I wonder if it's a girl driving and she's speeding because she's afraid of being robbed since it's so dark and quiet.

9. The cars on Old Klang Road are moving really really slow. It's not the weekend stroll for sure. It's a Monday night. I wonder if most people are more relaxed drivers at night because there's less car (less morons) and more space.

10. I looked at the streets for a few more minutes. The street lights are turning into stars that shines brighter and brighter. Almost blinding. Then a tear rolled down my right eye. It's the tear playing tricks with lights.

My ciggie burnt out the same time. Flicked the ciggie far far away so that it doesn't land into my neighbours house under me and caused fire in my building. (I know, it's still wrong to do that)

What an insight.

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