Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bitchy Mode: ON

Whenever I have nothing productive or interesting to blog about, I'll find something to bitch about.

It's bitching time for this entry.

First, earlier in the day, I hear stories about some bozos who still think my 5-inch surgery cut is minor and doesn't require MC that long. And doesn't like the rumour being passed around that I can still go around smoking/drinking/having fun.

Of course I can! Except for the drinking...

Who told you I'm in a coma?

Read the line above again if you still wonder why I can go around places and smoking.

Why don't you come and ask me yourself huh? I'll show you the wound. It looks wonderful, do consider doing that if you need one month paid leave next time. I assure you more fun that you expected. (Nope, there's no sarcasm here!)

Secondly, I wanted to complain about my hair.
I'm going from daily bad hair days to worst hair days that gets worse everyday.

Why do I have curly and rough hair? I don't mind curly hair if the hair is fine. And I won't mind rough hair if it's straight. Why the combination of the two bad traits?

Blah, I'm so pissy about the first issue, I don't feel like talking so much about hair now.

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