Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Insurance madness

I don't know how or why, insurance agents from various companies have been calling me.

First there's this Chinese speaking lady from Great Eastern who called me yesterday, insisting I make an appointment with her for further details.
To cut her short, I told her I already bought my own insurance.
She asked me what company.
I told her, and she recommend me to change to Great Eastern.

An excerpt from her excellent speech:

"Do you know what is the ranking of Great Eastern among the insurance companies? Think of it this way, there's 2 piece of clothing that cost the same but one is from G2000, the other from pasar malam. Which one will you buy?"

I refused to answer her.
I thought it sounded quite irrelevant although I got her point.
And she still didn't tell me Great Eastern's rank.
I guess it's No.1?
I told her I'll make an appointment with her this weekend when "I'm free".

Then there's this other guy who called me this morning.
He's from AIA and there's a promo for me cos I just flew on AirAsia.
He talks like a super salesman, high and low voice, loud...

Here's a part of our conversation:

Me: I already have my own insurance. Don't need another.
AIA: You know what?! It's good! If you are hospitalised, you can claim from your insurance, and then claim from us again. That's our first benefit.
Me: I'm really not interested.
AIA: You know, there's still another benefit. During your hospitalisation, they'll pay you RM160 a day. How many days did you stay in the hospital?
Me: 5 days.
AIA: If you stayed 5 days, you'll get RM160 X 5! It's a total of....
Me: Don't need to count. It's RM800. -_-"

In conclusion, he's trying to tell me that I will earn money frm getting hospitalised if I buy insurance from him.
Real joker.

I think I know why I'm getting all these calls from Insurance agents recently.
The hospital I stayed in must be selling patient's information.
Unethical bastards.

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