Friday, June 19, 2009

Bomb landed on my first day.

Was so prepared to go back to work after going off for a month.

Wore a new dress and new pair of heels to celebrate this new beginning.
Beginning that I thought would be great wonderful ones.

Mana tahu...

Received one gempar news in the morning.

Received another super gempar news before lunch. But for my sake, it was not confirmed.
I was just told to emotionally prepare for it.
So I thought it won't happen till another few days or weeks.

After lunch, the super gempar news is confirmed.
And it's sooner than I thought.

What a waste.
I wore new clothes and shoes to celebrate the beginning of my dooms day.

* Can someone just shoved bleach into my throat, blind my eyes, put me in coma so that I don't need to face the monster from the gempar news?!*

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