Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Bangsar we're talking 'bout ppl!

Living the life, and chilling out equals to having a drink and just do nothing.
Yeap, that's what I'm doing now in Bangsar Starbucks.

These are the noise/annoyance I hear while I'm here.

1. There are 3 people sitting behind me, talking really loudly. Well, only the 2 girls were loud actually. One girl said (in a booming voice) "What's wrong with you la? We all say something, you just go 'ah' and 'yeap'. You're always like that you know?"
Yeah, girls, I'm sure your guy friend will talk even softer now that the whole world heard you.

2. One jolly good fellow honked and honked non-stop like a beeping idiot because some car blocked him. That other idiot who double park surely does not know what's the rule if you wanna do double parking. The rule is 'Be nearby your car in case someone wants to get out'.

Then I did my usual stare at the place and get some thinking going on.

1. The Reliance Optical shop always, always have customer. Sometimes, filled with them. I wonder if it's because they're popular, cheap or has wide variety? But I'm sure the owner is one hell of a rich fellow if he can afford closing their shop on Sunday.

2. The jockeys here start operation at 7pm. I wonder who assigned them to collect money from those who found parking on their side of the street. Did it come naturally since years ago, and now it has become their territory?

3. Most of the girls who come here wear casual, like a top, shorts and slipper. Is this the image of Bangsar, and everyone automatically dress like that when they come here? I do that too. I wonder why.

It's time to stop thinking because staring at the road is giving me headache.

Signing off, and moving to another spot.
Till then.


esther said...

wah, u really REALLY really sien lo hor. :)

Sammy C. said...

Yes ar, i'm really bored to that extreme.