Sunday, June 21, 2009

The fallen star still has fans!

Remember the whole drama about Edison Chen, the HK 'star' and his exclusive pictures with the ladies?

Haha! I thought he's as good as dead. No offence.

Few days ago, I received this SMS update from Zouk informing that there will be a party for the launching of 'Juice' clothing store. And Edison will be there (because he co-owns the store) as guest appearance.

I decided then, that I will not go club in Zouk that day as to avoid his crazy bunch of fans.

Apparently, the Juice clothing store is opened in Bangsar and there were news reporting today that Bangsar was flocked with people with massive traffic jams on the launch day. Didn't know if it was Fri or yesterday.

Then I had to laugh when I saw this part of the news in Star Online.
I must laugh, because I so didn't expect this:

Some die-hard fans had camped outside the store as early as the night before to catch a glimpse of Edison.

Leona Feng, an 18-year-old student, said she has been a big fan of Edison since she was in Form 1.

“He’s so handsome and so hot. And he’s multi-talented. He can act and sing. I want to try and get his autograph and touch his hand,” she said.

Oh dear... multi-talented?
I guess I must admit that he is... playing the roles of photographer and film director that led to his drama.

And touch his hand?!

I am no hardcore fan of any particular star, and never was.
Forgive me if I do not understand the mentality of this star-struck-craze.

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