Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'Did you know?'

When i say i'm bored at the office, i'm bored although i have tonnes of work loading in front of my eyes. However, there's nothing i can do if the suppliers don't call me back regarding quotations. They delay me, i delay boss. Simple.

Leroy doesn't believe me. This is the 'Did You Know?' facts he sent to me in MSN. I just showed everyone i'm actually free and going cuckoo.

  • For a typical lovemaking session, the man will thrust an average of 60 to 120 times.

( I don't know this...i will consider counting it the next time. HAHA. )

  • Goldfish have the memory span of about 3-5 seconds, thats why you can leave them in a small jar and they wont get bored and you can also over feed them till they kaput.

( I never had goldfish. But Leroy claims that now he knows why his goldfish die-ed.)

  • If you pet a cat 70 million times, you will have developed enough static electricity to light a 60-watt light bulb for one minute.

(Don't have a cat and never intend to pet it so many times. Might electrocute myself)


simply me, Jason said...

Ouch... I never knew you had a W850... not bad. You've had the top of the range of SE phones all the time. So how? Getting new phone?

+sammy+ said...

jason buddy, u left this comment at the wrong entry. haha...anyway, no not temporarily. i just got myself a car. have to pay for installments every mth. *sobs* no top range phones anymore. i keep losing them.