Thursday, June 14, 2007

Girl and Gay

A LI YAA means elephant in Sri Lankan.

That's what i found out yesterday. It's a new restaurant & bar place in Damansara, near the HP building. And..they're going to do a launch for their opening. So we're there for a brief.

It looks nice...really. On both sides of the grand oak door, there are cool coloured glasses in abstract. i felt like taking the wall back home. it would look nice in one part of my room. haha...

And we sat there listening to the brief. And there's this lady who talked to us. She has nice complexion, not really pretty. Big boobs also big stomach. And she HAD a popular boyfriend. Surname Sinclair. Shall not elaborate more... Don't wanna end up in contributing to gossip magazine.

But oh man, she used so many *FUCK* this and that... At the end of the day, me and Iris realised we're starting to talk like her. The words we use. Gosh, bad influence.

the thing is... how can a girl like this got a boyfriend like that? nevermind, i'm crapping again. It's just nature's way. Cute guys, ugly girls. Pretty girls, Ugly guys...

Then i wonder....Me and Edmund, who's the pretty one? Hmmm...Nevermind.

Oh wait..which reminds me of a big joke in Johore.

Edmund is definitely pretty, he's fairer than me and he has smooth skin.
In the JomHeboh crew, there's this sissy guy with long hair. We suspected he's gay.
and on that day where Edmund fetch us there, he saw Edmund for the first time.
He called me over before i left and asked me some stuffs.

Syam: Hey is that guy your boyfriend?
Me: Yea.. why?
Syam: Well, if you all break up next time. Please intro him to me yeah?

I was stunned and speechless. Could only laugh and say alright, and asked him if he wants his phone number.

*Roar of laughter*

Someone said, "Ouch, doesn't that hurt? He wants your bf...not you!"

I replied..."Not really, he's not cute"

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