Monday, June 11, 2007

Wet Market 'Frenzy'

THREE weekends of wet market have left me looking tired, dull and cranky. What do i expect? It's markets full of people with foul languages and loud voices accompanied by the smell of rotting meat and vegetables. Then we have the crying for help of the chickens as background music. It could actually sound like an orchestra except that this one mess with your brains and burst your ear drums. Now, that makes the whole wet market thing sounds like a nightmare.

On the other side, there's a touch of sweetness. These people are foul and loud, but very friendly (in a loud way). I have adapted the style to talk like an aunty to entertain my 'peers' (the aunties la). I then realised i can actually excel in sales. I have done electrical appliances, perfumes, Guiness, Lipton tea... and now soy sauce. Lee Kum Kee soy sauce to be exact, they're our current client on sampling. I proved myself worthy in sales industry after more than half the sales of an outlet (7 cartons) comes from me (and i do it in 90 minutes). Or maybe it's because the client challenged me that if i can sell 5 cartons i get commision. Of course i never got it.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I wasn't planning on indulging myself in the sales industry in future. Related, yes. Not sales focused.

The whole experience in the wet market was just.. weird.

First i have to sweet talk the aunties and even uncles.

And then i have to act that i'm not disgusted with the fish-water and chicken blood.

I learn to smile at the greedy aunty who demands for more sample eventhough i'm so not giving her another one.

I learn to walk on the dirty, smelly and wet market floors without staring at the floor and hopping around to avoid water puddles.

I know how to make friends with them so that i get cheaper prices on vege and meat. One trader even spent me a packet of drink. I only need to give out more free samples.

I learn to look around and watch the things around me in 360 degree.

I learn how to be mean and exercise the power given to me by ordering the promoters around. Being nice and soft equals to no job done.

I learn to smile at the people in the market that 'lanci-ed' me; though i still curse in silence after that.

I learn to wake up early in the morning (3 am) and get some morning exercise by walking and carrying things around the wet market.

I learn to bear with the continuous nagging and nonsense of the market traders and still smile at them. they also tend to repeat the same sentence over and over again.

AND i have improved my ability of selective hearing.

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