Monday, June 18, 2007

Wai Yin's 21st

TODAY is Wai Yin's 21st birthday... a day that marks her 'freedom' and the day she officially enters adulthood. Being her friend of 14 years, i attended her birthday dinner late yesterday. And she, being my friend of 14 years filled my plate and bowls with food; afraid that I am hungry.

Unfortunately, i've had to stuff myself with food since i went home before that and had family dinner. My eyeballs nearly drop out when i saw the plate and bowl on my seat. MORE FOOD! It's a very grand dinner though. got my favourite 'yu chi' a.k.a shark fin soup. that's the only dish i finished. The rest, i only ate a little of each. Sorry wai yin!

And when i reached, i saw horrified expressions worn on everyone's faces. I thought, "Shit, have i gotten that fat?!" Actually, they say they i've gotten darker. Not fat... But boobs got bigger. *faint* No,'s not true. i'm still wearing the same bra size...! See lar what event management did to me!

during dinner...

eating the cake ala chinese...

(they only gave us chopsticks.)

Being the lepak-ers that we are. We didn't wanna go home and went to yam cha in Halo Cafe instead. sEcond round of celebration! Even brought the sparkling juice there with us.

they are the 4 boy-peepers!

(li ying, mun yee, esther & azaria)

and these are the 3 gossipers...

(theresa, may ooi & hor yan)

the 2 normal lovey dovey ones. haha!

(wai yin & me)

then we suggested that may ooi use Breeze to maintain her hair colour.

the 4 boy-peepers nearly go crazy when they saw one of the singers on stage.

" leng chai. how i wish he would sing like this to me personally."

can you see saliva dropping?

There was such a big hoo0ha over the singer that he noticed and started talking to our table through the mic. -_-''

Anyway, happy 21st birthday Wai Yin!

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