Thursday, June 28, 2007

Someone who appreciates my blog


CheRyL said...
cuter and prettier than u?? u consider baby pigs cute..? cute in an ugly but adorable way..!!earth to sammy..! the only reason i'd say ur crazy is for thinking she's cuter than u..! hw can u ever read her blogs with that bad english??
5:39 PM, December 13, 2006

CheRyL said...
i juz wrote somethin abt baby pigs and its gone
5:41 PM, December 13, 2006

Anonymous said...
Ya right..You think you are so pretty or sexy in other way????? What a cheapskate to bookmark people's friendster and blog! This action shows that you are such a BITCH!
8:28 AM, June 28, 2007

Anonymous said...
And you cheryl. No brain BITCH. Worst than anything. You think you are so good? Good english doesn't mean you will be pretty or...??Well, i can't find the worst word to describe you. Just see how ugly you are as in human behavior. English people does not behave like you do. USE YOUR BLOODY BRAIN. Anyway, i don't think you have one. So sorry to hear that.
8:31 AM, June 28, 2007

+sammy+ said...
I am glad someone bothered to go through my blog so detailed, evenmore a super outdated posts. However i know that my blog is only read by my friends. It's either you're really a stranger or ur one of her friends.

Firstly anonymous, i know i'm not pretty nor sexy. I didn't say I am.

Secondly, i don't bookmark any of her sites anymore. she's not worth it, i'm over it and i don't think u shud be worried bout me.

Third, I AM A BIATCH. no surprise to that... i'm not offended by those words anymore. i call myself one.

Forth, Cheryl has more brains that u think. If she doesn't, i doubt u have one also. She didn't tell you that she has no brains also, so u need not say "so sorry to hear that"

fifth, me and Cheryl are both Asian. We are NOT English people. that's why we don't behave like them.

Now that i explained ur doubts and questions, i would also like to thank you for contributing to my hits.
10:34 AM, June 28, 2007


It's all good you see. People spent their time getting on other people's nerve, irritating them and laughing at them when they get all fired up. I am not irritated nor firing up.

All the comments on my blogs are moderated and i could have just rejected 'anonymous' comment and act as if nothing happened. But that would be such a cowardice act isn't it?

SO i have decided to make anonymous happy and jolly by replying.

DURATION ON MY BLOG: 12 min 48 secs
ANONYMOUS has browsed through my blog entries that is dated back to December 2006.

What a coincidence... that the girl cheryl referred to as 'baby pig' is in UK. So are her friends...HmmmM.....


CheRyL said...

firstly, let me tell u Anonymous..u don't even have a, that's very sad. It shows how afraid you are to tell us your name (or perhaps you do not know how to spell it).
Secondly, this is MY friend's blog. I have the right to comment anything i want.
And by the way, how do you know that when i say 'baby pig' im refering to you?
It shows how 'highly' you think of yourself.
of course having good english doesn;t mean im pretty..i never said that..i just said your english is really bad..
About me not having a brain..well at least i have a name, unlike you! boo!

Anonymous said...

In the ethics of blogging,i have my rights to keep my identity anonymous. I believe when you start blogging,you should have read the Rules and Regulation a.k.a Terms and Condition in the cyberspace. I am in the studies of researching online ethnography specifically on bloggers. My methods that have been used is actually content analysis. Therefore, nothing is right or wrong, unless you feel it yourself.The reasons that you are chosen to be one of the informants because you have been actively blogging days after days. Cheryl,what comes around, goes around. No words shall be spoken anymore as it will degrade myself talking to the person who call them self biatch. Anyway, nice reading your lovely blog. Cheers. (Forgive me for being straight forward) I do not know the culture of Asians.

Anonymous said...

'I am in the studies"? Dude,"fantatic" english.Dont brag when you couldnt even produce a good sentence.Cheers

CheRyL said...

owh..did u take this from a textbook? 'the textbook of blogging or something'?..honey, i never called myself a biatch..
and, i'd assume u wouldnt know any culture, let alone the Asian culture.
go play somewhere else ok?
this blog is for sammy and her friends..not cheapskates like u.. have already degraded yourself.