Monday, June 25, 2007

say 'welcome back' to JAMIE

JAMIE CHAN T-Q has officially landed her feet on Malaysia at 7 am. this morning. I'm very happy to wish her welcome and have a nice stay.
i'm blabbering. oh yeah... i just talked to her on the phone and this time it felt different because i know we're standing on the same land; not separated by seas.
i'm getting dramatic don't i? Anyway, i'll be seeing her tonight. No reasons for getting dramatic.
Sunny, one of the guys in my company came over to our cubicle and got me and Iris' no. We asked why since we thought he has our numbers. He explained that he lost his phone. I laughed out without consulting my brain. I asked where. He said toilet. I laughed out again. Oops. "which toilet?" i asked. "Shell toilet"...Oooh... i laughed for the third time and raised my hand high in the air for high five. He don't want. Sigh... i guess i should be more depressed than him since mine is newer and much more expensive and i lost all contacts too.
Never thought that someone i know will experience that. 2 days in a row. haha....

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