Sunday, June 17, 2007

friendster virus!


Now even Friendster has virus. I though that only happens in MSN; when you receive someone's file you'll get infected and then your msn autmatically send it to everyone on your list. Now friendster has the same problem. IT starts from the bulletin board when it's written "Hi, i just updated my photos"

Bloody hell, when i click on it, i went into some woman's website with alluring sexy poses and very little cloth. I thought what the hell? Probably his account got spammed i guessed. And then a few minutes later, i just realised I also posted a bulletin with the same title. GREAT. Just great.

AND a few minutes later, more people posted bulletins like that. Haha, i think i just passed it around. Some people even have 2 bulletins with the same title. I think they clicked on it twice coz they thought they clicked the wrong link or to re-read the bulletin. Muahahha

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