Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A 180 degree change

i am glAD, glad and GLAD that the whole relationship is working fine again. no ruffles along the way and no storms ahead. Temporarily. Anyway, it's good enough.

Sunday morning was hell, he already started raising his voice and we're arguing over i don't-know-what. I thought it would be facing the devil itself when i reached home, but i was wrong. He didn't sound like the person on the phone. instead it was like nothing happened.... and for the next hour, it's even better than usual.

So i spent the afternoon lazing around and then cook dinner in the evening. It's almost unbelievable eh? After the bad morning, things turned 180 degrees. He even helped me to cook dinner, washing the rice, beating the egg... Accompanied me to the shop downstairs to buy things.

He even suggested we go watch movie after dinner but i was lazy. 'He' suggested... :)

Yesterday was fine too. I really hope everything is good and well...STAYS.

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