Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spontaneous trip --> Johore

On Friday morning we suddenly got the chance to go Johore. Just make a few phone calls, delay it for 2 hours and off we go! The highlight is, we are going to the JomHeboh carnival in Danga Bay and look for our supervisor and other crew members there. We did not tell them we're going as to surprise them. Left KL at 3 pm.

Edmund came along and became our driver since he doesnt feel safe with me on the driver's seat, with HIS car. He imagined me dozing off while driving, the steering wheel slipped off my hand, and crashed to the side of the highway... driving myself downhill to hell.

Nevermind, i do appreciate having a driver since i can sleep in the car the whole journey. Did i mention that Iris was more pig than i do? She pigged out the whole journey having the whole backseat to herself. *snort*

Some of the guys popped their eyes and mouth wide open in surprise. Mike even announced on the lousdpeakers that "TROUBLE HAS ARRIVED". -_-"

Since it was a half day trip (we came back that night itself)... we got complimentary seafood dinner from supervisor. He's obligated to do that, all the way there to see him. (yea right) We have something that he wants of course.

The Levis cowboy hat belongs to our supervisor. Edmund claimed that I look like a witch..

A smoke break after the filling dinner of fish, prawns and veggie.

The leftovers of the food... Yumz. Expensive dinner though.

Went home after dinner and reached KL 12 something midnight. Half day trip it is! We're just too free. All the way to Danga Bay to have seafood and give them a surprise.

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