Monday, June 18, 2007

Lilies that brightens up my day!

Spending some dirty and wet time at the wet market isn't so bad after all. I wouldn't have said this if it's 4 weeks ago. I am a person who doesn't even go wet market with my mum even if she treatens to diwsown me! AND now i'm going to there because of work.

4 weeks later, now... i don't feel the sting of having to wake up 3 am every weekend and gulp in fresh air of the market anymore. Either i'm starting to get numb of it or i'm just enjoying it now. RE-READ the previous sentence. ENJOYING WET MARKET! sigh...

I do love the privileges though. Because of the fact that we're giving away free food, free samples and free bottles of soy sauce to the traders there... they're nice to us.

Example 1: This uncle came to me and gave me a packet of drink, tapao-ed when i was busy giving away free bottles.

Example 2: This aunty gave me discunt for the noodles i eat because she also got a free bottle.

Example 3: This uncle, the owner of one of the outlets in Sect 17 never charge me for some flu medicine i requested for Ed. Well, make sense, we're helping him sell alot of Lee Kum Kee soy sauce bottles. His soy sauce sales for one day is more than the amount he sells in a year!

Example 4: This very young boy, who happens to be the owner of a supermarket in Jenjarom spends the whole crew canned drinks. he told us to take any drinks we want. I should have taken a bottle of whisky. It's drink

And there's a time where i got privilege in buying flowers from this very friendly old lady.... without using LKK soy sauce to get my way through.

In Old Town, i saw these lilies which are very pretty so i wanted to get them for my room. So i approached her stall to look.

Me: Aunty ar, how much are these lilies?
Aunty: Rm 6 for a stalk.
Me: Each stalk of these got how many flowers ar?
Aunty: Sometimes 2 sometimes 3. Depends lar...

(My mind said: cheap ar..RM 6 for 3 lilies in a stalk!)
Then i took 5 minutes to choose one perfect stalk...

Me: i'll take this stalk lar. Then how much is the fine ones with white little flowers?
Aunty: That one ar....aiya, i give you free la.
She took some out and put it with the lilies.
Aunty: This much enough ar?
(My reaction: Eyes opened wide...wah. so much! it's like a bloody bush wei. FREE somemore.Weeee)
Me: Ok lar...enough lar aunty. thank you ar! Eh, then aunty ar....this one ler how much ar?
(Points to the ones with small purple daisy like flower)
Aunty: That one is RM1 for one stalk.
Me: Ok...i want one!

She wrapped it into a newspaper and then i paid her RM 7 for the whole bunch before strolling away happily.
When i got home, i realised she gave me 2 stalk of the small purple daisies! And only charge me for one.... AUnty so niCe!! YeeeeK....
(Or maybe she accidentally took one extra, I don't know)

I took a bottle from Iris' collection and then arrange them nicely. The white little flowers one had extra, aunty gave me too much but i was too greedy to reject some :)

the day i bought it back

the second day..blooming lilies *eyes twinkling*

(updates on the lilies will be edited everyday with new pictures HERE)

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